She's Thunderstorms 1/?
Title: She's Thunderstorms
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, sex, the sacred breaking of the bro-code
Pairing: Matt/OC, eventual Belldom (?)
Summary: Teen!Muse It was a well known fact around town that Matt Bellamy had lost his virginity at Reading festival last weekend. Dom just didn't anticipate his sister was the other half of that rumour.
Feedback: Insert a clever analogy about how nice it is here.
Disclaimer: Never ever happened as far as I know. No offense is meant and clearly no profit is being made!
Notes: I'm trying to decide whether I should just leave this as a one shot or not, so it would be absolutely amazing if someone could help me decide. Also I'm sorry I type like an Australian- offence is always going to be offense and color is always going to be colour. But I hope someone sort of likes it, it's my first venture into actually posting anything, and sorry this one's so short! Just sort of setting up 'The Incident'.

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