She's Thunderstorms 1/?
Title: She's Thunderstorms
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, sex, the sacred breaking of the bro-code
Pairing: Matt/OC, eventual Belldom (?)
Summary: Teen!Muse It was a well known fact around town that Matt Bellamy had lost his virginity at Reading festival last weekend. Dom just didn't anticipate his sister was the other half of that rumour.
Feedback: Insert a clever analogy about how nice it is here.
Disclaimer: Never ever happened as far as I know. No offense is meant and clearly no profit is being made!
Notes: I'm trying to decide whether I should just leave this as a one shot or not, so it would be absolutely amazing if someone could help me decide. Also I'm sorry I type like an Australian- offence is always going to be offense and color is always going to be colour. But I hope someone sort of likes it, it's my first venture into actually posting anything, and sorry this one's so short! Just sort of setting up 'The Incident'.

A dull thunk of bass ran through the trembling patches of grass and mud, the lights from the stage unable to reach so far out into the paddock amongst the mass of tents. Quiet yells and muffled voices echoed around the field, the rain had at last subdued to a light drizzle that clung to the eyelashes of the girl before him. The stars were muffled by the storming dark clouds and were instead replicated by tiny paths of lanterns that led a path through the campsite. The tiny bonfire they had secretly made had sunk to a burning few embers acting as their little light, reaching only to scrape the two bodies huddled in front of it. They had sat outside the tent, waiting for their friends to return but that endeavour had inevitably lead to the smell of a cheap wine hanging on their lips. Their breathe escaped them in small clouds of steam, the rain clinging to their woollen jackets not enough to soak it through. Huddled around the fire, the music continued to play in the distance.

Tom's socked feet hung out of the tent he was too big for, but his thoroughly drunken snores seemed to drown out any notion of caring from his friend. He could hear giggling and movement in the next tent; Kelly and Chris had obviously returned from the DJs. Where his best friend was, no one seemed to know. With the bottle of rosea in his hand, he didn't seem to care.
 His black hair was shoved messily under a beanie as he sat on their poorly thought out picnic rug- a decision made last minute simply because it was a good idea to throw it over the barbed wire surrounding the fence they jumped. Nevertheless, his numbed from the cold finger ran over the still bloody scar that sat just below his eye.

The rain was beginning to cling from his lashes, his wellingtons proving themselves an incorrigible force against the rain. They had pitched a small tent over the fire using their jackets to keep it burning, and he huddled closer. The smell of an odd mixture of wet grass, suspect smoke, cooking sausages and rain was still no match for the intoxicating perfume of the body next to him. 

Curled up in her brothers jacket and staring at the fire with flickeringly electric grey eyes, Emma cradled the bottle of rosea in her left hand. Her hand was almost blue with the cold, flecks of mud on her cheeks darkening her as the fire lit up her face. Her face was still alight with excitement, her sixteen year old self struggling to comprehend that she had fence jumped at Reading. What a story to tell.

His blue eyes met her grey for a short second before his cheeks heated and he returned to looking at the fire. Her full pink lips pursed around the bottle as she took another drink, her eyes sliding in and out of focus and her nose wrinkling. He could smell that flowery scent above the rain, the burning wood and listened to her breathing almost methodically. They sat shoulder to shoulder, for warmth he told himself. She wore ratty layers that had been given to her by each camper, her light almost mousy brown hair twisted into a knot on top of her head. He picked at the scar on his face, licking his lips of rain water as he focused on the fire. She offered him the bottle, he shook his head. 

“Matt, come on. I can't do this myself. You've been grumpy since-” a hiccup. “- Dom left for the DJ set.” 

His electric blue eyes finally met hers, black hair that had escaped the beanie wet and clinging to his forehead. “I shouldn't.” 

“Nonsense, you should.” She leant into him, holding the bottle out so her chest was pressed to his side. His eyes flickered to the bottle, but he was much too concerned with how the heat of her body far outweighed the heat the teetering fire was exhausting. He simply shook his head again, his beanie sliding in front of his eyes.

A cloud shifted, and some stars made a quick enough appearance for his gaze to dart upwards. Emma took a sip without his scrutinising look, locking it behind her teeth and brushing her brown hair out of her storming eyes. He looked down at last, quick enough for her to press her freezing, plump lips against his thin and warm ones. He'd bitten them one too many times in anxiety, she thought, as she felt the raw skin underneath hers. His blue eyes shot wide, staring before fluttering shut. 
She opened his mouth a fraction, enough to let the rosea slip between her teeth and into his unsuspecting mouth. He had no choice but to lap at it, sucking greedily- (well, looking back he most definitely had a choice)- before grey eyes quickly opened and her freckles wrinkling in an exhilarated smile.

In a trilling whisper that contrasted the low thud of the bass music echoing from the stage a few hundred metres away- “Do you like it?" 

He nodded dumbly, his long thin and wet hands finding the invisible strand of hair in front of her nose to tip her chin and silently ask for more. His head was swimming as the rain above them continued to sprinkle, and festival goers passed by with their torches shining through the barricade of tents they had made as drunken lyrics of Prince echoed back to their beds. She met him with a gentle press of her body again, the rosea creating an extra sweet taste to his soft and inviting breath. She didn't want him to close his eyes; they were positively sparking and shining with anticipation.

Her lips dragged over his again and his hand found the small of his back as if she were the abandoned guitar that sat by her side. 
Their mouths moved faster, the embers of the fire catching alight again as he moved to stretch her over the picnic rug and kicked at them accidentally. He was especially warm in his movements, caressing her in almost an attempt to transfer his heat. Hands struggled to disappear under the mountains of layers before his muddy fingers found soft tan skin underneath her brothers button up, that smell of flowers throwing itself at him full force as he lowered his kisses to touch her ear.

It was something else to feel her entire body tremble under him; knowing she hadn't done this before. The bass that pounded through the ground guided him as he hovered over the top of her- his body acting as a shield from the never ending drizzle of rain circling the pair. He pulled back for a mere second, beanie askew and lips swollen a cherry red. Her grey eyes watched him, almost fascinated. Freckles were barely visible under her tan but he was finally close enough to see their outline. 
She lifted her chipped nails to hook them into Dom's jacket, and lifted it over her head.

What escaped him was a most undignified noise, but when he thought about it they were two teenagers on a picnic rug in the mud at a music festival next to a fire. Nothing was dignified at this point. Her breasts were small enough for him to cup a hand around but big enough for her plain black bra to strain against them. His cold fingers walked to merely push it up, and another shiver from her body elicited underneath him. His warm lips trailed down her neck, her eyes wide and staring at the hidden stars just above herself. The smell of the smoke from their neighbouring tents was strengthening. 

A small movement of his tongue against her saw her small form arching off the blanket and into the heat of his mouth. His fingers were deftly undoing her muddy jeans, as his tongue and lips worked across her before settling on her neck. She let out a little gasp as his feet kicked the embers again, one burning the sole of her foot. She was soon gasping for another reason as cold and numb digits found the only truly warm place on her body, rubbing wet circles against what she remembered being extremely childish underwear. Hot lips stayed attached to her neck as a finger was pressed into her and she breathed quietly into his ear. 


He moved it slowly, enjoying the unbridled heat and sensation around his index finger. The rain had started to curl off his back and was soaking him to the bone, but in that moment he didn't care. He bit a little mark on her neck as another finger sought out the heat, thrusting gently as she writhed under him and flinched away from the embers settling too close to her feet. A moan escaped her plump lips and soon his were on her;stifling any noise she struggled to make. Her hands were searching for his backside, trying to pull down his ripped tracksuits a single inch.

He used his free hand to move it just over his bum and her freezing fingertips found the warmth of his skin almost instantly. She sought to touch, and he moved his hips a single inch away from her- hovering so only the heat of their chests found one another. A whine elicited from her in frustration, as his fingers begin to smoothly slide faster and faster, a thumb moving to rub a place she didn't know existed. 
A heated moan of his name was stifled with his lips again, and she finally found him underneath his boxers. His entire lower half almost turned to jelly, his hips moving involuntarily into her numb grasp.

Her grey eyes blinked up at him almost innocently, the rain hanging from her eyelashes and her freckles scrunching in excitement. He met her eyes with a small smile and a tilt of her hips, their two heated selves finding each other at last. He felt her writhe again, this time in pain as his head inched inside. His soothing hands found her hips and the picnic rug rustled under them as he pushed deftly into the surrounding heat with a tiny groan of his own. 

Movement was heard just beyond the tents. A drunken chant was sounding- 

Here's to brother Dominic who joins us tonight! He's cheesy he's sleazy he's so fuckin' easy- here's to brother Dominic who joins us tonight!" 

The heat left quickly, both of the pair kicking embers and scrambling to do buttons of her brother's jackets up. Matt straightened his beanie, adopted the guitar in his lap and felt almost as if his heart had come to a stop. No, in fact, the DJs bass had simply come to a stop.

Both pairs cheeks were flushed, lips swollen and for Matt, a small smile he couldn't seem to make leave his face. 
Into their campsite came a stumbling, stubble-grazed Dom. His blonde hair at all angles and a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand he noticed the pair with a bright, blinding white smile. 

“How's it going you lot!” He slurred.

Before Matt or Emma could nod, he had passed out in the mud- limbs sprawled and not a care in the world. 


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Haha, this is awesome! Dom has such incredible timing ;)

AND DON'T BE ASHAMED ABOUT BEING AUSTRALIAN. Being Australian is the best thing to be... apart from in Dom's bed *ahem*

High five!

as a drummer you'd think he'd be a lot better with his timing though, lol. thank you so much for taking the time to comment, i'm actually so grateful! go the aussies!

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Haha, this is brilliant :D Definitely writing more. I'll be reading :)

thank you so much for the feedback! i'll definitely be writing a bit more; hopefully i decide to post it!

This sounds so good already :) Looking forward to more!

thank you so much for taking the time to drop a comment, can't wait to post more :)

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